Career development

Our approach to career development is a four step process:

1 – Evaluate the current job market

Manpower provides us a regular study on the latest development on the job market


Please have also a look on our links for more specific studies on the treasury job market.



2 – Keep an eye on the main financial certification

A International certification

The most popular treasury certification is the one conceived by our english colleagues, the ACT.

The ACT is holding a treasury competency survey to identify the key competencies required by treasury professionals at various stages of their career.

Using the survey results, a Competency Framework will be developed which will identify key technical and interpersonal skills that are required by treasury professionals at various stages in their career. This will enable the ACT to co-ordinate delivery of education, training, events, CPD and publications in order to offer the treasury professional a career-long structured learning experience.

We value your views so please take a moment to share your thoughts by answering one open question and completing the ‘about you’ section.
Another popular certification according to our members is the Chartered Financial Analyst
Risk managers may be interested to try the Financial Risk Manager certification from the Global Association of Risk Professionals

B Swiss certification

Our colleagues from the Swiss german speaking part of Switzerland propose a certification for treasurers with the HE Luzern.
Risk management can also be studied in the University of Geneva

3 – Maintain a jobline for our members

But you already know this one…. you don’t ? then click on the Job opportunity link on the Main menu

4 – Follow the trend in salaries

MichaelPage Switzerland has also made a survey on the profession available here

There is also a Specialist Swiss Regional Salary Survey available via this link, review the Swiss Regional Treasury Salary Survey

This is ROBERT HALF’s Guide for Financial salaries in 2010-2011
All comments are welcome.

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