Payment factory

The new SEPA regulation, new offers designed for Corporates from standard system providers (e.g. SWIFT) and the existence of a broad single currency offer an appropriate environment for the creation of a payment factory.

Even if Switzerland is outside of the Eurozone, many payment factories are being implemented in this country. This may be linked to the long history of stability associated with Switzerland, to the strong incentives offered by the Swiss authorities to create a Treasury center here or to the availability of the workforce required to initiate such a project. Even SWIFT intend to process some of its data in Switzerland !

The implementation of a paymentfactory and more generally the automatisation of payments creates new challenges for Treasurers. We know from anecdotical discussion that some of us are working on this issue. It does not matter if you plan to do so or if you have just finished implementing such a project, discussing it with your peers will help to keep your process working.


Roundtable, Payment Factory - Presentation
21 Nov 2014
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